Rental Module : A new version is available

Publié le 2017-03-10

  • Rental Module : A new version is available



We are continually improving our products and services rental module.

We keep evolving it to match the highest quality standards and user experience.
In addition to a lot of small fixes, this new version brings  its share of features :

- Payment integration :

Let your customers pay online !

Once properly set, our module integrate itself to the Prestashop payment process, ensuring you a significant rise of online booking!

- A new administration interface :

Our module got itself a new skin ! Using Bootrap and PrestUI libraries , we evolved the administration UI in order to make it fit perfectly within Prestashop and offer a nice user experience.

- Module Internationalisation :

Our module is  now provided in english and french . You wish to add more langages ? No problems !

You can get it translated using the Prestashop administration interface

- A better handling of your agencies hours : 

In addition of setting up opening and closing hours for your agencies, you can define for them an exceptional schedule :

Holidays hours, closure …

- Fixes and optimisations :

We made a lot fixes, code optimisation and refactoring.

We also reviewed and optimized our code to match the quality standards in effect :

  • The code has been reviewed with security in mind.(Mesures against code injection :  XSS, CSRF, SQL)

Our code has been formated relative to the PSR-2 ensuring its clarity and readability.


You can learn more about it  by watching this video :



To get our module follow this link : Prestashop Addons. 
You will get the version 1.0 of our module .

Send us your order number at to get the last version.